About Aero Pack

Aero Pack opened in 1990 offering engineering expertise in hardware design and manufacturing of high-reliability aerospace-grade ceramic packages (modules) used for protecting microelectronics. Experience in Aerospace Packaging (Aero Pack) includes ceramic modules developed for use in the following applications:

  • AGM-114 Hellfire - Guidance system
  • BGM-71 TOW - Optical sensor
  • AIM-120 AMRAAM - Guidance system
  • Star Wars - FPM (Focal Plane Module) - Classified
  • F-16 Falcon & F-18 Hornet - GE FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control)
  • TWS - (Thermal Weapon Sight) - Classified
  • Hubble Space Telescope - WFPC2 (Wide Field Planetary Camera II)
  • M1A Abrams - M256 Aiming stabilization
  • B2 Spirit - Radiation shielded memory module
  • F-22 Raptor - Fiber-optic fly-by-wire flight control system
  • Mars Sojourner Rover - Radiation shielded power regulator
  • UGM-133 Trident II D5- Classified
  • AIM-9X Sidewinder - IIR FPA (Imaging Infrared Focal Plane Array)
  • THAAD - (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) - Classified
  • RM-161 Navy SM-3 - Vision system
  • Orion Spacecraft - LIDS (Low-Impact Docking System)

In 1995 Aero Pack began development of high reliability rocket components for commercial and amateur applications including High Power Rocketry.

"Aero Pack`s goal for High Power Rocketry is to provide professional product design with emphasis on form, function, quality and reliability."

A few prototype aluminum retainers were designed to hold reloadable motor casings as well as single use motors. They had functional advantages and dressed up the business end of the rockets they were installed on. There was a lot of interest at the launches so a few more were made. By 1996 Aero Pack Quick-Change Motor Retainers were in production on CNC machinery (see photos on products page).

By year 2000 Aero Pack released our Quick-Change Motor Adapters. We also received orders from aerospace firms for larger motor retainers.

In 2005 Aero Pack was incorporated. This has been helpful in the growth that Aero Pack has seen. We also released our Quick-Change Tailcone Motor Retainers.

By 2010 Aero Pack became a service provider for commercial rocket motor companies and a supplier for other High Power Rocketry manufacturers.

In 2015 Aero Pack added minimum diameter motor retainers to our line along with several accessories to support them.

2020 marks Aero Pack`s 25th Anniversary in High Power Rocketry with over 100,000 motor retainers sold in sizes ranging from 24mm to 150mm.

In early 2021 Madcow Rocketry acquired the entire line of Aero Pack products and is continuing the tradition of excellent customer support.

Over the years some companies have attempted to copy certain features of our designs, but none have duplicated the function and quality you get from Aero Pack. Our retainers utilize proper engineering for their application. The result is a strong, light-weight motor retainer that is simple to use.

Aero Pack is proud to provide the highest quality and value in our products. Our motor retainers are manufactured entirely in the United States. This includes machining and certified anodizing from ASTM rated aerospace-grade material.

We create innovative designs and offer superior products. These include the use of our unique thread form that not only provides a quick spin-on and spin-off feature, but also tolerates dirt and does not require grease that will attract grit.

In addition, Aero Pack motor retainers and adapters work with just about every type of motor hardware, including hybrids, and they accept aft-closure type motors as well as snap-ring type motors.

The Aero Pack team of employees and associates are dedicated to product quality and customer satisfaction.

There will always be new and exciting developments in High Power Rocketry and it will continue to be a dynamic hobby for all to enjoy.

Fly Safe and Have Fun !

Bob Mosley

Pyrotechnic Operator License  0014-12

TRA  1656

NAR  87914

AMA 25132 Turbine


FCC  KAZ4192

  • Ceramic modules used to package integrated circuit
    chips for aerospace/defense applications

  • Array of Aero Pack motor retainers

  • Photo courtesy of Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • Orion low-impact docking system

  • Bob Mosley preps 5.5" diameter Phoenix with
    75mm motor mount.  Photo by Brian Jarvis