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Quick-Change Motor Adapters

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Quantity  Item  Photo  Description  Price
  A2429    Adapter Assembly, 24-29mm  $13.00
Out of Stock  A2938    Adapter Assembly, 29-38mm  $26.00
  A3854    Adapter Assembly, 38-54mm  $39.00
  A5475    Adapter Assembly, 54-75mm  $48.00
Out of Stock  A6475    Adapter Assembly, 64-75mm, Hybrid  $38.00
  A7598    Adapter Assembly, 75-98mm  $73.00
  A5475C    Adapter Centering Ring, 54-75mm  $19.00
  A7598C    Adapter Centering Ring, 75-98mm  $30.00
  A2429S    Adapter Spacer, 24-29mm  $6.00
Out of Stock  A2938S    Adapter Spacer, 29-38mm  $9.00
  A3854S    Adapter Spacer, 38-54mm  $12.00
  A5475S    Adapter Spacer, 54-75mm  $14.50
  A6475S    Adapter Spacer, 64-75mm, Hybrid  $12.50
  A7598S    Adapter Spacer, 75-98mm  $21.00


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