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A2938 and A3854 Adapters
Quick-Change Motor Adapters:

API Quick-Change Motor Adapters offer the same high quality and ease of use found in our line of Quick-Change Motor Retainers. Note that all of our adapters, including the larger sizes further down this page, will nest into each other.

Features Include:

  • Ready To Use - No Assembly Required!
  • Precision Machined & Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • A2429 Fits 24mm Motors to Rockets with 29mm Retainers
  • A2938 Fits 29mm Motors to Rockets with 38mm Retainers
  • A3854 Fits 38mm Motors to Rockets with 54mm Retainers
  • No Need to Buy a Separate Motor Retainer for Smaller Motor
  • Everything Slides In & Out Easily with No Friction Fitting
  • Adapter & Motor Install in Seconds
  • Motor is Retained from Moving Forward or Backward
  • Scroll Down for Larger Adapter Sizes
  • Check out our sequence of photos showing the adapters in use
  • Order Online Now!


Using an A2429 adapter to install a Cesaroni Pro24 motor into a Madcow Honest John with a 29mm motor retainer and motor mount tube.

TA5439 tailcone with A3854 adapter holding AeroTech 38mm motor


Large Quick-Change Motor Adapters:


A5475   For fitting 54mm motors in rockets with RA75 motor retainers.
A6475   For fitting RATTworks 64mm hybrid motors in rockets with RA75 motor retainers.
A7598   For fitting 75mm motors in rockets with RA98 motor retainers.

Features Include:

  • Precision CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum components.
  • Type II black anodized for wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Centering ring includes stainless steel socket head cap screw.
  • Allows a quick change between different motor sizes.
  • Requires rocket to have an existing Aero Pack motor retainer.
  • Holds motor from moving forward and backwards.
  • Order Online Now!

    Order J-B Weld Now!


AeroTech 54mm motor with Aero Pack A5475 adapter showing centering ring, adapter ring and spacer


RATTworks 64mm K240 hybrid motor with Aero Pack A6475 adapter showing adapter ring and spacer


RATTworks 64mm K240 hybrid motor A6475 adapter centering ring



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