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Welcome to Aero Pack Online 

Aero Pack Incorporated designs and manufactures High Power Rocketry products for amateur and commercial applications. We provide precision CNC machined and anodized high-grade aluminum Quick-Change Motor Retainers, Quick-Change Tail-Cone Motor Retainers, Quick-Change Motor Adapters and Quick-Change Minimum Diameter Bulkhead Motor Retainers.

We also offer a Laser Engraving service. In addition we carry Stainless Steel Recovery Hardware including Stainless Steel Ball-Bearing Swivels. We also have Low Drag Rail Guides, J-B Weld and Aero Pack Hats.

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For information and photos of our products used in commercial applications Click Here.

Don`t forget to visit our Photo Gallery for images of amateur rocketry projects.

                                                                        Aero Pack motor retainers are 100% American made! 


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